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Dianne Bondy Yoga

Dianne Bondy is the founder of the Yoga For All movement, workshops, and yoga teacher training course. She is a body image advocate, body positivity and social equity warrior and believes in self-care, self-love and self-acceptance as a practice.

Namas Day is honored to host internationally renowned yoga teacher, Dianne Bondy, at this year’s  yoga festival.  You’ll have two opportunities to experience this down-to-earth woman with a message!  Authentic inside and out, Dianne brings a ton of great energy to the event.


You can select from these two workshop options:


In yoga, Lila is the play of universe. As children we learn by playing as adults we often learn by doing. In this workshop, we explore playing with asana and doing joyful movements. We will explore how asana works in our bodies. We learn our customize poses for any ability. For students, you will learn how to customize your practice to fit your body.

As teachers, how to create inclusive and customized classes for all bodies. This session will challenge your ideas around asana and teach you how to create an accessible yoga inclusive space. We will explore innovative warm-ups and sequencing, inclusive ways to incorporate props.  Register.


This session offers an accessible, inclusive and challenging asana practice. All bodies and abilities are welcome to enjoy a customized practice that connects your breath, body, and intention on the path to self-acceptance. The practice will be followed by an interactive dialogue on how we use yoga, self-care and self-study to become more conscious and empowered. Please bring a pen, paper and your curiosity.  Register.


No matter who you are or what you look like, you are enough. Don’t let anyone tell you your body has ‘figure flaws.’ That would mean there is such a thing as a perfect body. The perfect body is a beauty myth. We are fortunate to have mother nature create a body that is perfect for us.

Read more about Dianne Bondy here.

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