breakfastWe’re always interested in learning more about our team of presenting yogis.  Who are they really?  What do they do when their not on their mat?  What do they eat for breakfast?

That’s right.  We asked them how they start their day and what they eat for breakfast.  Guess what?  It’s not all green and clean – and I LOVE to see that.  Because…yogis are humans too!

BRITTANY: Every morning I have a smoothie packed with greens, fruit, seeds and ginger.  Morning rituals: Drink a big glass of water; Cup of tea; Read in bed (teen fiction!); Morning meditation

DIANA: Coffee, strong, dark, wonderful coffee!

NATALIE: Scrambled eggs by me with TONS of salted butter and full on Kraft “parmesan” cheese on top (our baby loves this too so we eat it together with gusto!).  And coffee with full-fat, full on sugary delicious vanilla coffeemate creamer.

KELLY: I’m a coffee connoisseur so each morning starts with stovetop espresso, then if I’m lucky enough to remember to eat while getting my son ready for school I’ll have an egg on an English muffin!

LISA: Avocado toast, green smoothie, chocolate chip pancakes with my little boy. Coffee!

LAUREN: I make a combination breakfast what I call an “OTY”. Its an oatmeal “beverage” with cooked oats, flax, chia seeds, hemp seeds, fruit, green tea, sometimes quinoa, honey, cinnamon, turmeric. Other days I will make “overnight oats” the night before to make it easy in the morning.

ERIK:  Leftover OTY or overnight oats Lauren has made, and almost always has 2 poached eggs with toast after morning practice.

MARK: There’s my favorite breakfast and then there’s what I have time for! Favorite: Lemon water, Strong black coffee, eggs Benedict, fresh fruit, fresh green juice! Reality: Strong black coffee, whole grain cereal, sometimes fruit…. I like to start my day by getting as much done as I can by mid-morning. That’s when my brain functions best. I most often do my own practice during the mid-day when I’m not teaching and need a mental re-set.

VANESSA: I’m probably a bad yogi with this one. I don’t start may day with anything green or fresh squeezed . Its usually a coffee, if I’m hungry ill have a vegan protein shake before class.

SWAMI NIRMALANANDA: I begin at 4:30 am with pranayama and meditation.  Asanas follow, culminating in my morning chant in Sanskrit, from 6:30-7:30 am, followed by another meditation.  Then breakfast!  My favorite breakfast is leftover dinner, I confess.

JEAN-JACQUES: mate and shredded ginger, greetings to my altar, the aforementioned mate, and time reading, writing, drawing in some arrangement.

NAIME: Coffee and a muffin. With gluten, please!

NIKKI: A snappy and spicy green juice. It gets everything going and I make better decisions throughout the day as to how I fuel my body if I start that way. It is also great for my skin!


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