You can now purchase any single class registration for Namas Day!

Namas Daty Spring 2016 (127 of 1210)This is the first time ever, we have opened registration for single classes this early.  In the past, you generally had to wait until the week or two before the event.  This is the first time in 8 events, you can do this!

Why are we doing it?

Because we are listening to you.  We received lots of feedback from you that said, “I want to come but can only make it for one or two classes”.  And we want you to come too. So now you can register.


So why are things getting crazy?

Because, there are several programs on the schedule that have very limited mat space left for reservation.  If you don’t get in quick, you might not get your mat space.  So we suggest that you register soon – especially if you’re planning to reserve more than one workshop.  Frankly, it’s a much better deal to register for a half or full day – but we get that it’s not always possible.

No worries though, as there are 4 programs that have a very large capacity on the schedule.  You’ll be able to snag a spot in those even if you miss out on the others.

Ready to register?  Click here to get a move on.



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