A radical practice that incorporates strength, stability, mobility, range and confidence-building strategies and postures

In the exciting build leading to Namas Day 2019, we caught up with Sue Elkind. Sue has been practicing yoga for more than 30 years, first inheriting a class (before she even realized she was a teacher) from Baron Baptiste when he move to train the Philadelphia Eagles. She talked with us about her yoga journey, her thoughts on the future and social media, and what we can expect when we see her in Philadelphia in a few weeks. Here are some top highlights:

Thank you for sharing your time with us, Sue. What do you tell people when they ask you about yoga, its potential benefits and why you committed your life to sharing it?

There are no prerequisites or qualifications needed to embark on the yogic journey, only the willingness to show up for yourself as best you can.

We are all born with innate abilities and talents. Yoga invites you to tap into your gifts and ‘cook’ them into more of their potential. Whether you choose to prepare fine cuisine or just a simple meal is your own choice. Yoga is learning how to take something ‘uncooked’ in your life, and through the heat of your own efforts, turn it into nourishment for yourself and others.

What will yoga look like in 10 years?  

I think it continue to blend Eastern and Western philosophies, offering more creative avenues “in” to our deepest relationship to Self. It has proven to withstand exercise trends, and my hope is that is just gets better!

How would you describe your workshop at the festival: Dynamic Yoga for Radical Wellness?

My class is for anyone who either feels like they’ve hit a plateau in their practice or just wants to spark more inspiration and meaning into their yoga and life.  

We’ll ignite the power of Shakti (the power of creation) through goddess practices like mantra and mudras, play with dynamic movement and breath, and end in a delicious meditation. 

So no matter if you are a gourmet food- or microwave-style yogi, Sue has something for every palate Saturday, October 26. Register now on NamasDay.com!

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