Take things slow this spring with one of our gentler workshop options! With everything from meditation to yoga therapeutics, there’s something for everyone! Check out the full schedule here.


1. Opening Meditation with Jason Blau

Kick off the day with a community gathering and guided meditation led by Jason. This program is FREE and open to all – no registration or ticket required.




2. The Eternal Radiance of the Enlightened Mind (A Kundalini Meditation Workshop) with Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa

This all-levels practice is an opportunity to deepen our present moment awareness.  This intensive will explore how we take pure experience and change it into something else. Through self reflection, Gurmukhi and Sanskrit mantras, Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, meditations and discussion, we will transform our unconscious memory tracing and false identification of experience and cultivate a pure and enlightened view of the world around us.


3. Yoga Therapy for Pain Relief: A Brain-Body Approach for Students and Teachers with Theresa Conroy

Pain is an output from your brain. This means that your brain decides whether to create pain, and how much and how intense to create it. It also means that the state of your Central Nervous System, your beliefs, your outlook and your relationship to stress all have an impact on chronic pain. This is good news for yogis. It means that we have direct and frequent access to something that can help manage pain in our bodies and the bodies of yoga students. By gathering the wisdom of this ancient practice, viewing it in the light of science, then molding it to fit our needs and respond to our goals, we can modify, change, and maybe even alleviate, our pain. This workshop will teach the therapeutic Yoga methods that help manage and relieve pain. Don’t expect a traditional Yoga class. Instead, we will explore meditation, breath and movement in a way you’ve never experienced. This class is open and appropriate for all levels of experience.


4. IPATH Restorative Yoga with Denese Cavanaugh

In an age of distraction, nothing can feel more luxurious than paying attention. Finally, Yin Poses, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Pranayama Strength, and Alignment Techniques, once done separately has evolved and “yoked” into a gracious, illuminating and necessary experience. This “go to” restorative practice, promises to eliminate back/body pain and restore you to a better life. With regular practice, IPATH (Integral Postural Alignment Techniques) restores flexibility and range of motion, relieves common pain, and improves posture. This session is complete with a chakra sound bath.


5. Still Spinning: Yin Yoga and the Chakras with Corina Benner & Thomas Wave (Sitar)

Chakras are energetic vortices running approximately along the length of the spine. They contain and disseminate life-force energy (prana), and are believed to reign over life-issues. We could relate with them as programs in the bio-computer of the human body: we each have a program for survival, pleasure, will power/action, relationships, etc. In this workshop, students will sink into yin yoga poses that are believed to influence or be influenced by different chakras as they learn about the many different associations ascribed to each center. Symptoms of excess, deficiency and balance will be explored, as well as affirmations to potentially initiate balance and healing.


Want to mix things up this Spring by adding something a bit more active to your schedule? Check out our energizing workshop options!

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