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This week’s question: How do you cultivate relaxation?

On the go, on the go, on the go!  Even yogis struggle with slowing down.  It’s easy to get caught up in our culture that loves to be busy.  And the most challenging, and most important, thing we can do is find time to stop and appreciate today.  Here’s a few ideas from our presenters.

Girish: Chanting and yoga

Paul Dunn: Tennis which I teach and play, and spending time with my 8-year old daughter Sienna which allows me the experience the world through a child’s eyes.

Tymi Howard: Meditating at the beach listening to the ocean. Light some candles, make a cup of ginger tea and pet me dogs.YIN YOGA to some great mantra music.

Allison Sobel: Meditation, Run/walk in Nature, Watch HGTV LOL 🙂

Erick DuPree: Meditation and puja practice are daily practice for me and have been for over 20 years. Also, I’ve dedicated a large part of my training in restorative yoga, and I always return to restoratives in my home practice to cultivate relaxation, healing, and deeper states of rest and renewal. Prop supported twists, child’s pose, and savasana, along with progressive relaxation, guided meditation, yoga nidra, and breath work are a cornerstone a my weekly practice.

Maura Manzo: One of my favorite things to do is go to the movies by myself. It’s a rare chance to totally unplug and be immersed in a story that is different than my own.

Joe Longo: Going out in nature with my dog Stella, playing my guitar, and anytime my camera is in my hand. It’s amazing the sense of calm that comes over me once I pick up my camera and start creating.

Natalie Levin: Right now my yoga practice is to sit and witness this little being who has chosen my partner and me to be his parents! I feel very relaxed when he is resting on me and sleeping. I feel my heartbeat and his heartbeat slowing down and this feels almost as if I had a big, warm Iyengar sandbag on me. It is the ultimate restorative yoga pose.

Cara Bradley: I start my morning with meditation. Without it, my mind spins endlessly throughout the day. When I feel my shoulders start to ride up by my ears from stress or overthinking, I pause and close my eyes for a few minutes. I also like naps to relax my mind and body.

Coral Brown:Through mantra, visualization, running and spending time with Keller my dog.

Erica Taxin Bleznak: Running on trails

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