When you think of yoga, what comes to mind? Poses? Soft thoughts? Steady breaths? How about healthy digestion?

Matthew Mitlas, a yoga teacher with thousands of hours of experience teaching in the greater Philadelphia Area, will host a special session at Namas Day 2019 –  Optimizing Digestion: The Yogic Lens – that dives into Ayurveda and yoga.

Ayurveda is an ancient system dating more than 5000 years that holistically accesses and customizes an individual’s lifestyle to create optimal balance. Matthew shared with us a sneak peek when we spoke with him earlier this month.

Matthew first found discovered yoga while he was navigating through school. He stumbled upon a yoga class after transferring colleges and was immediately hooked.

“I started teaching the moment I started practicing,” said Matthew. “It was all I talked about.”

From there, his yogic life continued to flourish and grow. But even with this movement through, Matthew said yoga is more than movement. It is about communicating, with the world and with yourself.

“When you really come to understand how to think of things in terms of Ayurveda, you build an awareness of the body and how the body is communicating with you. It provides the next step. It provides the second half of equation, once we realize what the body is saying. It is one of the main reasons I love Ayurveda.”

That is what Matthew hopes to share in his Namas Day workshop, tools participants can employ to increase their understanding of their own body.

“We’ll start with a comprehensive introduction to Ayurveda, including basic principles, and why, along with techniques appropriate for most individuals. We’ll offer a yogic perspective and introduce categories of postures (for example, challenging, firing; relaxing, encouraging energy moving downward). This is an experiential, educational workshop. And we’ll close with a long guided relaxation at the end.”

Ready to explore what poses are best for your body’s constitution? Join Matthew on Saturday, October 26, to find out! Register now on NamasDay.com, and follow him on Instagram at @MatthewMitlasYoga.

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