Katy Hawkins, Ph.D, teaches wonder, joy, and sanity in Philadelphia. Private sessions, public classes, retreats, and special workshops help students move into their own wholeness by freeing up body and mind. Katy’s teaching combines a spirit of play with challenges to drop down into deeper states of being. We all have a handful of stale patterns in our emotional, intuitive, creative and conceptual lives that we’re better off without. Students are offered gentle guidance in exploring these stuck spots to break gridlock. Katy’s fresh fusions of spiritual insight with physical and meditation practices are peppered with spontaneous moments of poetry and humor. She draws from a storehouse of rich sources – literary, philosophical, and sacred – that cut across faith traditions. Co-creating a safe space in which to stretch body and spirit, students connect with their own inner knowing to come away clearer, grounded, and more joyful.

Follow Katy at katyhawkinsyoga.com.

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