In a 200-hour yoga teacher training, students are taught the physical practice – asana, basic anatomy and philosophy, an introduction to the business of yoga and various other set topics. One of the most important aspects of being a yoga teacher, is knowing how to hold space.  But there is no set curriculum for teaching this within a typical 200-hour training.

Holding space includes, your intentions for the practice, your prayers for the students, and your ability to work with the energy in the room. When you do learn how to do this, your teaching will transform you and others.  And when you connect with the teacher who has cultivated this quality….you will know.

This fall, the skillful Marni Sclaroff offers a full day immersion at Namas Day University – sharing her insight and coaching teacher’s on how to Hold Space.

What will you bring back to your own students?  Here’s just a few things…

  1. How to create a clear intention that supports the practice and sequence.
  2. How to hold safe and sacred space for transformation.
  3. How to use your voice, your words,your energy, and  your body, to hold a sacred space for yoga.
  4. How to protect your own energy when you teach.

How will you Hold Space?  Find out on October 9th.  Click for details and registration.


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