Each of us moves through life in our own unique way, some with extra zest for speed (Here’s looking at you, elite runners and cyclists!). But no matter RPM, MPH, etc., our muscles are trained, and, like the wheels on bicycles, sometimes need rebalancing to keep them moving in top-shape.

Justine Bacon, outdoor and sports enthusiast, will host a special workshop at this year’s Namas Day festival – “Cyclist’s & Runner’s Yoga: The Enthusiast’s Toolkit for a Life Outdoors” – about just how to readjust so we can prevent injury and perform at high levels, no matter our activity of choice. We had a chance to catch up with her to ask about her passion for yoga and her workshop. Here are some things we learned:

Justine, we are so excited to meet you in a few weeks. Please can you share with us your yoga origin story? 

I came upon yoga accidentally. I was starting to go to the gym early in college and wasn’t really “great” at it, because I always played sports growing up. So the gym felt a little boring and lack luster. I was drawn to group fitness because of the energy of others. Yoga started to feel different to me in some unexplainable ways, and I was in a very turbulent and shifting time in my life. In 2011, after a breakup with my fiancé, a one-month service trip to Guatemala, and moving back home with my mom, Yoga and I really began.

What is your favorite yoga pose?

Oh, I have several currently, some of them are previous “nemesis” postures! These are the staples of my personal practice and show up frequently in my teachings in different variations:  Headstand, Half Pigeon, Seated Twists, Revolved Triangle, Padahastasana (hand under foot) and Floor Bow.

From this workshop in particular, what do you want your students to be able to walk away with?

I hope they are able to breathe, to release the mind from the swirl of thought, to allow the flow of energy through the body, the letting go of cluttered spaces or stagnation. To sooth the flare of emotions and to come out on the other side of their practice feeling a deeper sense of peace.

Ready to be surprised by a half pigeon, or release into a twist? Join Justine on Saturday, October 26, to balance over and under used body areas … and have fun! Register today.

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