eric500x500More than eight years ago Erik Burling stepped into his first yoga class and moved into his first posture. To this day he remembers that experience vividly. He was enamored, the yoga made perfect sense. Not only did the practice transform the body, he could see and feel the changes as they were taking place. Since that moment Erik has maintained a regular yoga practice, between 5 and 6 sessions a week.

A desire to dig deeper into yoga led Erik from Binghamton, New York back to his hometown of Philadelphia; from a life in television broadcasting to a life spent serving homeless men suffering from addiction.

Erik completed his teacher training at Dhyana Yoga where he went on to become a Staff Yoga Teacher for more than three years. His explorations into all types of yoga led him to the disciplined style of Ashtanga Yoga. Erik’s practice has morphed under the guidance of Certified teacher David Garrigues at the Ashtanga Yoga School of Philadelphia. He has completed more than 300 hours of Mysore training, and even spent a month practicing and assisting David Garrigues at Ashtanga Yoga School Kovalam, India. He is currently practicing with Meghan Kirk, Authorized Level 2, at Mysore Philadelphia.

Before Erik began practicing yoga, he was sitting for daily Meditation. He has studied Tibetan Buddhist Meditation with Matteo Pistono and Zen Meditation with Dr. David Loy. Erik’s classes are infused with both yoga and meditation. His philosophical inspirations are derived from two great teachers, The Buddha and Jesus Christ. Rather than adhere to any particular religion, Erik strives to see the common link between all faiths and share those insights with students.

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