I’ve been a student of Yoga for over 6 years now. Teaching full time for almost about 3 years. I arrived at the mat through spiritual vacancy. Instantly fell in love with the movement and breath. It became more than just sweat and stretching, It’s how I live my life now. Like an app for your phone, it instantly gave my body, and my mind an upgrade. It was the piece I was missing. I began the studies of Yoga at Dhyana Yoga and got my 200 TT hour certification there as well. I continually and passionately pursue from all spectrums of knowledge. Initially studying Asthanga Vinyasa which later introduced me to the many forms of movement such as Hatha, Kundalini, YIn, and Iyengar. Unofficially having a background in dance which I incorporate in class whenever I teach. I’m really into movement especially when it’s integrated with the intellectual breath. Yoga can saved my life…and I hope it can save others.

Follow David at DavidHemYoga.com.

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