Pre-Habilitate / Injury Prevention at Namas Day

How often do we experience an ache, pain or injury and someone tells us “You should try yoga,” insinuating that yoga is a be-all, cure-all remedy? While there’s a chance that yoga postures or a flow practice can support what ails us, what if we developed habits that helped to prevent the so-called ailment in the first place?

We asked physical therapist and yoga teacher Lara Heimann about the method she’s created and honed over the past two decades that aims to “pre-habilitate,” or prevent the body from injury. Prehab methods are based in physical therapy and centered on core integration aimed at improving posture and optimizing performance. By re-educating the body’s movement patterns, additional benefits can include a reinforced immune system and enhancing the body’s ability to recover faster.

“My mission is to help everyone find freedom through smarter and safer movement patterns so together, we can be uplifted, benefiting all beings.”

Lara’s Yoga Training method, or “LYT,” serves all populations, “from the athlete, to the executive, to the busy mom, to the retiree who aspires to move and feel better.”

The lineup for this fall’s Namas Day includes Lara’s workshop, “Master Psoas: Untapped Potential for Asana Mastery.” What’s unique about this session is that its teachings can support anyone who spends any amount of time sitting – that’s right, such as at a desk, in a car or on the train – and how to pay attention to the gnarly psoas muscle when it gets cranky and sends your lifestyle into a tizzy.

“I truly believe that the body changes the mind, the way we move, and ultimately, the way we feel and act,” says Lara.

So maybe yoga has a few solutions for what ails the aching body, and wouldn’t you love to discover its potential before an injury might occur? Find out by joining Lara on Saturday, October 26!




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