Yoga teachers expect to learn new skills in these workshops.

One of the great thing about Namas Day is that there’s something for EVERYONE. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the practice, or you’ve been at it for years.

Have you noticed we ask quite a few questions on our registration page? There’s a reason for that! We spend over a YEAR picking and choosing workshops that suit you – our Philly Area Yoga community! A LOT of you are yoga teachers who come to Namas Day eager to soak up inspiration. These are for YOU!


Thoughtful Yoga: Sequencing with the Written Word // Katy Hawkins & Lori McAlister

(12 Spaces Available)

Join Katy Hawkins, Ph.D, and Lori McAlister for a tandem-taught yoga class and sequencing practicum where poetry and philosophy are the driving sources of theme. In the first half of the workshop, Katy will draw not only from her work as a yoga teacher, but also as a college professor of literature, to lead an asana practice that explores poetry.

Lori will then guide us in a practice centered on yoga philosophy, culling relevant skills from theSequencology teacher training she created (combining intelligent sequences with subtle body support). The second half of the workshop offers a chance for independent, hands-on experimentation with sequencing. Participants will create their own mini-sequences using the new principles introduced for combining movement and text. Come reap the benefits of 40 years of combined teaching experience, to deepen your own exploration of movement and theme.


Yoga Law Basics: What You Should Know! // Aysha Ames

Operating a yoga business requires attention to legal matters. Join local lawyer and yogi, Aysha Ames, as she fills you in on some big dos and don’ts that every yoga teacher and studio owner should know. In this session, yoga instructors and studio owners will be educated on basic legal principles to help reduce the risk of liability, avoid disputes, and maintain and grow a yoga business. Specifically, yogi entrepreneurs will learn to: 1) protect themselves from personal injury liability – in and out of the studio; 2) properly classify workers as independent contractors or employees; and, 3) protect their intellectual property (i.e. photos, videos, student lists, teacher training materials, etc.).


Yoga Therapy for Pain Relief: A Brain-Body Approach for Students & Teachers // Theresa Conroy

Pain is an output from your brain–not an input. That’s a crucial distinction. It means that your brain decides whether to create pain, and how much and how intense to create it. It also means that the state of your Central Nervous System, your beliefs, your outlook and your relationship to stress all have an impact on chronic pain. This is good news for yogis. It means that we have direct and frequent access to something that can help manage pain in our bodies and the bodies of yoga students.  This workshop will teach the therapeutic Yoga methods that help manage and relieve pain. Don’t expect a traditional Yoga class. Instead, we will explore meditation, breath and movement in a way you’ve never experienced. This class is open and appropriate for all levels of experience. Those with acute pain or recent injury should not attend unless cleared by a medical professional. A great opportunity for yoga teachers to expand their skills.


IPATH Restorative Yoga // Denese Cavanaugh

(10 Spaces Available)

In an age of distraction, nothing can feel more luxurious than paying attention. Finally, Yin Poses, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Pranayama Strength, and Alignment Techniques, once done separately has evolved and “yoked” into a gracious, illuminating and necessary experience. This “go to” restorative practice, promises to eliminate back/body pain and restore you to a better life. As our posture deteriorates, joints become restricted and the difference between tense and weak muscles creates stress. These imbalances, stiffness and loss of motion lead to eventual pain signals throughout the body.

IPATH (Integral Postural Alignment Techniques)  sessions involve breaking down these blocks, layer by layer. Students use yoga blocks and guided through 5-6 held restorative poses, and resistance balls are used to free connective tissue, that then release tight muscles, and therefore allow the bones and joints to align. IPATH yoga is used to Explore, Renew, and Discover the essence of who you are. The session is complete with a chakra sound bath.

Space is very limited in all of these workshops. We encourage you to register early to secure your space. View the Full Schedule and Register Today!

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