Namas Day is a community event that features a little something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a mini-retreat for yourself, a fun day with friends, or an opportunity to sharpen your teaching skills, we have a full-day of workshops that will suit your fancy! With so many yoga teachers in attendance, we have curated a series of workshops that will help you take your teaching to the next level. These workshops are open to all, but yoga  teachers will definitely want to check these out!

Master Psoas: Untapped Potential for Asana Mastery
9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

The psoas muscle (fully known as the iliopsoas) is a crazy-cool ropelike muscle that runs from the front of the body to the back. One of the body’s most powerful hip flexors, it is also prone to being passively tight due to all of our time spent sitting down. When the psoas is chronically shortened, it affects your posture, possibly leading to hip, groin and lower back issues.

What really makes the iliopsoas so fascinating is how underutilized it is- while being passively tight, it is actively not very strong in many people. In this workshop, Lara will help you locate, strengthen and stretch this muscle, to tap into untouched potential in your yoga practice. Harnessing the strength of the psoas will enhance your practice and mastery of advanced postures, such as inversions and arm balances.

Dianne Bondy YogaAsana Play Ground with Dianne Bondy
11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

In yoga, Lila is the play of universe. As children we learn by playing as adults we often learn by doing. In this workshop, we explore playing with asana and doing joyful movements. We will explore how asana works in our bodies. We learn our customize poses for any ability. For students, you will learn how to customize your practice to fit your body.

As teachers, how to create inclusive and customized classes for all bodies. This session will challenge your ideas around asana and teach you how to create an accessible yoga inclusive space. We will explore innovative warm-ups and sequencing, inclusive ways to incorporate props. Variations on
Standing Poses.
Seated twists and supine poses.
Accessible Vinyasas.
Yoga at the Wall.

Bring your questions, your ideas and your asana and let’s flow freely as we share in this inspiring practice.

Gentle is the New Advanced with J. Brown
1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

Imagine yoga before it was transformed in its journey to the West. Imagine a personalized, breath-centered practice, passed down from individual teacher to student. A Yoga for the well being of the whole person; something that would provide a vehicle for learning to truly take care of ourselves and ease the pains of life.

Yoga changed when it came to the West. New styles and brands of yoga have developed which meet the desires and expectations of the western audience. Focusing on the outer, physical achievements, and perhaps losing something in the creation of a standardized, scaled and franchised approach to yoga. But the older traditions have also continued, and J. Brown is at the forefront of a wonderful resurgence of this ‘old-school’ yoga.

This is J’s signature offering that he has given to thousands of teachers and students around the world. At once both a revolution and a return to the ancient roots of yoga. In this gentle, therapeutic, breath-centered approach, we are making the body strong and flexible — but we go about it in a way that also encourages useful patterns of thought and behavior.
In this workshop, we explore:

  • Methods for incorporating therapeutic orientation into group classes
  • The role that breath plays in supporting the body
  • The effects of different sequencing and pacing in group flow class
  • Techniques for teaching diverse populations and multilevel students
  • The teacher/student relationship. All sessions consist of both a lecture/discussion and a practice

Thai Yoga Massage Basics with Vanessa Hazzard
3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

Up your savasana game! Thai Yoga Massage (also called Thai Massage, Nuad Boran, and Thai Bodywork) is a combination of energy work, compression, stretching, and joint manipulation. The application of Thai massage is rhythmic and meditative, and your partners may feel both relaxed and rejuvenated! Thai Yoga Massage is applied fully clothed on a mat. In this course, you will learn synchronized movements that will deepen your connection with yourself, as well as your partner.

Each workshop begins with a brief lecture on the philosophy and tradition of Traditional Thai Medicine. We’ll also learn proper alignment and body mechanics to safely deliver the techniques. Then, we’ll recite the mantra to Shivago Komarpaj (Wai Khru), warm up with a brief partner yoga sequence, and dive into a Thai Yoga Massage routine you can easily practice with friends, family, and students!

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